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Bose Frame: connected sunglasses with a touch of augmented reality

American maker Bose, a leading sound expert, has introduced its original connected eyeglasses named Frames: sunglasses with built-in speakers and mic. Two versions are available with distinct fashions, but indistinguishable technology.

Frames weighs 45 g and provides 3.5 hours listening and 12 hours . The eyeglasses connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth. The speakers are in the framework; the noise is directed backward at the degree of the ears. The manufacturer specifies it is likely to make calls and command audio with bodily buttons positioned on the framework.

The goal of Frames would be to substitute classic wireless headphones, but also to offer you an unprecedented augmented reality encounter, using sound instead of visuals. To do this, Frames have a GPS chip and a 9-axis accelerometer. Thus the eyeglasses can determine (without camera) exactly what the wearer is considering. Partnerships are created with tourism companies like TripAdvisor or Yelp to expand the experience.

The connected eyeglasses will be accessible January 2019 to get a base cost of $199. New attributes should arrive following the launch.